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by Anja Doblanovič Šešek 


Due to world wide situation we are all in I have a bit longer working time. There was a bit of delay in April, when everything stopped and so did my linen supplies. So now I am catching up with my April/May orders and sending them out. Slow fashion is indeed slow, I am so grateful for your support and understanding. I am catching up with my April/May orders and sending them out, also I am looking for another pair of loving hands to help me with the orders. I ask for your understanding and if you need to know more exact time frame, please contact me directly.

I am focusing on bringing sustainable, natural designs into your life. Using 100% natural textiles, grown and produced in Europe, so there is no import pollution and no exploitation of labour. I offer handmade products and many are one of a kind. I am exploring natural dyeing, many of my products are hand dyed by me, using plants from my surroundings. If the textile is not plant dyed it is dyed with eco friendly low impact reactive dyes, the textile has OEKO TEX certificate, which guarantees it does not contain any harmful substances and meets human-ecological requirements. I am also exploring organic printing, using plants to create earthy imprint on the garment or other useful product. 

May we bring awareness to what we wear and use in our daily lives. 

Thank you for supporting slow, non-violent, eco friendly and full hearted  way of producing textiles.

With love, Anja

Natural textiles

Plant prints

Simple, everyday designs


Part of sale profit goes to donations to diffrent non-profit organisations that are protecting nature.

Summer moment of picking Wild carrot in



Natural dyeing and printing with plants brings artisan textile to practical use. Introducing vision of unique, slow made, sustainable and organic way of production.

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I aim to create  sustainable, unique brand that offers handmade, natural, high quality products for everyday life. 

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