This top is truly wonderfully light and delicate. It is perfect for a sensual, feminine vibe. It is hand knitted, 100% cotton and perfect for all year layering. 
A piece of clothing to feel divine in.

Color: off white
Size: the knitting is stretchy, if you have any wish that the top is "close to the body" or "loose fit", please send me message with your bust size.

The knitting is delicate, so even though you can wash it in your washing machine, be careful handeling this piece of clothing. If you pull out a string, let me know and I will guide you how to fix it, it is possible don't worry. 

Production time is aprox. 1 week.

INTERIOR handmade

Anja Doblanovič Šešek

Polhov gradec 32

1355 Polhov gradec


00386 40 309 118

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