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Based in Slovenia, I am a self though artist. Co-creation with nature and inner spirit is the path I am on. Creating pieces that reflect my inner journey, using natural textiles, experimenting with colors and shapes. You will find pieces for simple lifestyle, filled with magic.


I bow humbly to the magic world of plants. 

There is certain mystery when working with plants. The process is very long and delicate, it is not something of  this (fast) world. So hold it in apprechiation, the products are high vibrating and need special care. It is not only a useful product, it is a teacher that remainds you to slow down, to invest in beauty and in what you believe in. I could never really properly express the feeling that arises when you hold something that is made completely out of nature. As if she is holding you in her warm embrace, inviting you to join her into her reality. She truly is a healer.


I use 100% linen grown and produced in Europe, so there is no import pollution and no exploitation of labour. If the textile is not plant dyed it is dyed with eco friendly low impact reactive dyes, the textile has OEKO TEX certificate, which guarantees it does not contain any harmful substances and meets human-ecological requirements.

In 2020 I decided to include stretchy fabric so I can expand the design offer. I now work with amazing mixture of hemp and organic cotton, grown and produced in Europe, it has OEKO TEX certificate. Same as linen I am hand dyeing with low impact reactive dyes or using plant dyes.

INTERIOR handmade

Anja Doblanovič Šešek

Polhov gradec 32

1355 Polhov gradec



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